Automobilmesse Erfurt 2017 - 2017

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The Automobile Fair Erfurt is an Automesse and the largest sales fair for cars, tuning and tuning in Central Germany. The largest and best-known brand retailers, accessory suppliers and service providers from the region will be exhibiting their extensive vehicle and product range on the approximately 30,000 m² exhibition area of the Automesse Erfurt. At the Automobilmesse Erfurt, you will find everything you need for cars, from small cars to luxury limousines, from the light-duty off-road vehicle to the breathtaking sports car, from the family car to the eco-car, from tires to accessories to vehicle insurance or financing offers.

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Регіон/ Область:Тюрінгія
Вулиця: Weimarische Straße 39
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