Jap Run Weekend 2016 - 2016


In 2016 JAPRUN will set up a second tour, next to the daytour... this is the WEEKENDTRIP!! 30 cars driving trough 4 different countries in 3 days!

We will start in Holland, At JT-performance. From there on we will go to the german Eifel where we have our first night, at a very special car related place! THE NURBURGRING!
On the Saturday morning the runners can do a lap on the ring, and later that day we will go to the next hotel stop in Luxembourg. on Sunday we will drive back to Holland crossing Belgium.

We won't give free all the info online because we don't want to spoil all the fun! Do you want to know what we are up to? just become a "RUNNER" and participate to this superior weekendtrip!

How to become a "RUNNER":
- You need to have at least 150HP
- It must be a unique Japanese sportscar (not the kind of jap you will see on every corner of the street)

The cost of our weekendtrip will be €500,- per team.
Team: 1 or 2 person in 1 car (you will also pay €500,- if you are driving on your own)


From 16 : 30    till 23 : 45
From 00 : 00    till 23 : 45
From 00 : 00    till 19 : 30