The company "Avers-Center" was created in 2005 by two brothers Anton and Svyatoslav Korostelyov, engaged in the tuning of the different types of vehicles. The activities of tuning studio are focused on the design and re-equipment of vehicles, also their interior and exterior. This year, "Avers-Center" celebrates the 10th anniversary of its birth. During this time it was developed not only in Ukraine, but also in countries of the near abroad.
"Avers-Center" started its way from a small team; each year expands the scope of its activities and range of the services. The company has about thirty-five employees; with freelancers their number reachs more than forty.


Why tuning? When the cars leave the conveyor, they are all identical and like to be allocated among the hundreds of thousands. According to the head of the company "Avers-Center", the desire of many to make their car more comfortable is quite normal, considered that most time of their day the drivers spend behind the wheel. Everybody wants to have a custom car that will maximally satisfy their needs. Some people need the insulation, others - multimedia, but someone needs just a comfortable chair with a massage.
The company "Avers" also provides tuning of yachts, boats and helicopters. It is important to understand that every vehicle is a means of movement, where the driver spends most of their time. But there is also a category of people, who leads an active lifestyle, and who prefers to rest on their own yacht or boat with family or close friends. The company has taken into account the wishes of clients and expanded their activities. The experts of "Avers-Center" are always happy to give a second wind to any yacht or renovate the interior of boat, placing on board all necessary equipment and accessories.

Sometimes the orders are quite unusual, so for each case the tuning-company has an individual approach. As a rule, a customer comes with the specific wishes for the equipment and the modification of their car. “Avers-Center” presents thousands of examples of its work from which car enthusiasts can choose what suits them best. If the clients want to see how the order will look like, the tuning studio is always ready to provide them with the designer to visualize any wishes.
When it comes to particular wishes, the company "Avers-Center" can order any detail that a client would like to see in their car from the official tuned companies such as Mansori, Brabus, Hamann.


Generally, the company "Avers-Center" works for the domestic Ukrainian market, but there are customers from neighboring countries too, such as Belarus and Poland. Some time ago, a lot of customers was from Russia, although at the moment for various reasons you can barely find them. But the company is not discouraged and stays confident that the situation will soon get better and "Avers-Center" will continue to cooperate with the neighbors of Ukraine.
Speaking about Europe the main problem is logistics. A client must bring the vehicle in Ukraine and tell personally their wishes, stipulate all the details of the car tuning. The car tuning itself is quite time-consuming as well. The time they spent on an order can be very different, it all depends on the complexity and amount of work that must be done, but not everyone has the opportunity to wait for their car. It’s quite difficult to compare the tariffs of "Avers-Center" with the prices of European tuning companies because they are much lower.
New clients learn about the company through social networks and from the recommendations of the former clients. Equally important is advertising, which the company pays particular attention to.
Previously, the company took part in many tuning exhibitions and even won awards in Europe for mobile media. But now it’s quite hard to participate in such events because of the situation in Ukraine.
For the employees of "Avers-Center" the most important thing is a daily improvement of their skills. In the future the company plans to expand the list of services provided and reach a new market.
According to the head of the company the tuning in Ukraine will become more popular, if a favorable environment of the coming years exists.

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