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Company name Rollin Eyes
Contact name Pol Binon
Company activity(main) parts manufacturer
Company activity(secondary) Wholesaler
“Rollin’ Eyes” (or in short “RE”) are very bright powerful LED light rings and strips, attached to our new smart LED light controller.

They come together with our free “app” for your smartphone or tablet, to let you choose the light effect(s) you want, in a very easy way (currently only Android).

Our RE (Rollin’ Eyes) rings and strips are designed to fit on cars, motorcycles, boats etc.

But, as our strips and rings are full waterproof, you can also use them in your bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.

Finaly, you can use them anywhere you need to attract attention or warn people, think about your shop, warehouse, machines, etc.

Both rings and strips exist in many sizes, so you always can find a size which will fit.

Let your imagination flow and use them where ever you need special light effects.

Absolutely NO technical knowledge is required to use them!
Country Belgium
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