International Motor Show - Luxembourg - 2012

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Rendezvous for the next edition of the International Motor Show of Luxembourg, being held on 23th, 24th and 25th November 2012.

100% pure passion, 100% pure pleasure...

The International Motor Show of Luxembourg is dividing itself into four specific segments to give you four perfect reasons to be there :

1. The Euro Racing Show has undoubtedly become the traditional event at the end of the Motor sport season. This is a unique opportunity for visitors of all ages to admire these power beasts at close range, which competed on both track and road, and this worldwide throughout the year. Formula 1, WRC, Sport Prototypes, GT, MotoGP, WTCC, Rally Raid...all the disciplines on 2 and 4 wheels will be on-hand to welcome you in Luxembourg, to the greatest delight of all visitors.
Mouth watering sports cars and bikes are also taking advantage of this show to show off their splendid engineering and charm visitors with their alluring designs...

2. The Live Motor Show definitely does honour to the show. A space at the centre of the exhibition is especially devoted to a live show with driving skill demonstrations.
The sense of balance and the taut trajectory of these drivers are really impressive and definitely don’t leave the spectators indifferent. This is why the general public gather around this in droves as the power beasts enter the "arena"... Drift, Stunt, controlled skids, extended drifting, wheeling, burn out... too much to take it all in !

3. The Classic Car Show takes us down memory lane. Without becoming too nostalgic but with intense passion the collectors and restorers proudly display some exceptional veteran cars and motorbikes which not only left a mark on our childhood but also review the history of the motor car. Absolute gems are on show for one and all to drool over.
Scale models, documentation, literature and rare books, authentic spare parts and components... for the highly passionate enthusiast or the basic amateur the Classic Car Show remains a privileged moment in time.

4. The Top Tuning Show takes us into another world. In this section of the exhibition the personalised car or motorbike takes place of honour. The event’s international reputation is an undeniable fact and an area not to be missed in the world of high quality tuning. Aficionados of this trend mass around some of the most imposing European models especially brought together for the occasion.
A "lively" and pace packed podium, specialised boutiques, creative tuning specialists, the latest trends to be discovered... just a few good reasons to come along to the Top Tuning Show.

As you will no doubt have gathered the International Motor Show of Luxembourg will this year be the "place to be" for all those inflamed by motor sport as also the general public eager for spectacle and sensation alike. These different events within the event are the ideal opportunity for one and all to match their driving skills thanks to the driving simulators, to win one of the many track baptisms or to meet some of the renowned drivers... to name but a few.

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