Honda civic stance style

€ 4999.00

I sell my honda civic from belgium
€: 4999
Km: 183000km
motor: 1400cc
pk: 110
Car is all remake in 2014 (inside and outside) with original parts
colors: Red candy with gold effect
wheels: Stance wheels (america) with new tires
All is okay on this car, you buy it and you ride it!!!

more info mail:
Marke Honda
Modell Civic
km 183000
Jahr 1997
26.05.2015 | 12:56
Da is een schone machine zeg. TOP!
Alone Alona
Alone Alona
26.05.2015 | 14:48
C'est une très belle voiture. Fabuleuse!
Xplosif car tuning team
Xplosif car tuning team
26.05.2015 | 19:38
merci, bedankt
Jamie Hamerlinck
Jamie Hamerlinck
12.10.2017 | 17:17
ziet er goed uit